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IESO Setup Guide

  April 06, 2024    

This article provides a guide on how to set up and run the Integrated Energy Systems Optimiser (IESO). The guide covers installation, building, running a simulation, and generating a report.

Online Email Extractor

  March 01, 2024    

An online tool that helps extract email addresses hidden in a block of text, and remove email duplicates.

Online Text Ops

  March 01, 2024    

Convert to lower case, upper case and camel case. Remove extra whitespaces and line breaks. These are the main functionalities offered by the online tool embedded within this article.

Phaser 3 Games in WordPress Posts & Pages

  March 01, 2024     , ,

Example of a WordPress Plugin embedding a Phaser 3 game into a WordPress post or page.

Bootstrap Icons in WordPress-based websites

  March 01, 2024     , ,

Add Bootstrap Icons (1.11.0) to WordPress posts and pages.

Falling Confetti Animations in WordPress Posts & Pages

  March 01, 2024     ,

Trigger a confetti animation with a simple WordPress Shortcode.

Bootstrap in WordPress Posts & Pages

  March 01, 2024     ,

Add components from Bootstrap (5.0.2) to WordPress posts and pages.

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